Relatively Painless

John has been tattooing since 2008. Likes to do all styles of tattooing. Has a love for Black and Grey and Traditional.

He is toilet trained, good round other animals and has a ridiculous phobia of nipple touching.

Tueday - Saturday

Craig has been tattooing since 2011. He did his apprenticeship in Essex before meeting john and opening up shop in the heart of Leith docks. He has a passion for traditional tattooing, although enjoys working with clients to satisfy their tattoo, needs regardless of style.

He doesn’t mind nipples but will run a mile from the smallest of spiders.

Thursday - Monday

Sarah has been with Relatively Painless Tattoo here since June 2014. Prior to this she studied sculpture + fine art at Edinburgh College of Art.

She has a passion for linear + black tattoos, woodblock prints + scientific illustrations – but will draw you anything you fancy!

Sunday - Wednesday